2014 SafeHaven Calendar - February
Monday, September 23, 2013 at 10:00AM
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Last year, I was asked by SafeHaven to shoot the pictures for their 2014 calendar. The months were auctioned off at the Diamonds and Dice fundraiser event. I was happy to volunteer and it was a pleasure to meet and work with so many wonderful animals and their owners. Ann Sirl, from SafeHaven, was extremely helpful and great to work with as well. We started shooting in October of last year and wrapped up in July, fitting in a shoot or so a month as we could schedule them. The calendar is now finished and should be released to the public very soon! I'll put up the details on when and where you can get one as soon as I know for sure. I'm going to start posting alternate shots (not the ones used in the calendar) from each month. I'll try to put them up on Monday's and Fridays.

This is Abby and Loki (from left to right) and they are Ms. and Mr. February:

By the way, this year's Diamonds and Dice event will be held this October 12th at the Albany Boys and Girls Club. I will not be able to attend this year due to a prior engagement but next year's calendar pages will be auctioned off there and I will be shooting the 2015 calendar too! So, if you are a winning bidder I will be coming to your house to take pictures of your pet(s). We only had dogs this year, but we'll take almost any pets. They don't have to be adopted from SafeHaven either. It's for a good cause and your pets could be famous!

UPDATE! - Calendars are on-sale now at the shelter on Hwy 34 and at the downtown SafeHaven Boutique store on 2nd Ave in Albany.

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